Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me I’m fine. I hate to complain about my weekend, but I must say that it was crappy. The great thing about it was that I kissed two girls, and I bought a new outfit. I got plenty of damn sleep; that’s for sure, and I discovered a new hiking trial.
Now for the bad part. I bought a new outfit and I went out on Friday night. I mainly wanted to do photos of the DJ’s party. I wanted to get really loaded, and that I did. I bought a 50% alcohol drink called “Wild Turkey 101.” Normally, I can handle drinks. Actually I was doing pretty well. I was tipsy. I was my normal tipsy. I had a lot of Wild Turkey, and I had just some regular beer at the bar. I think the killer was the second beer I had. The name of the beer was shipwreck, something. I think after I downed that, I was out of it. I could barely remember anything from that point on.
I don’t know what I said to girls. I remember speaking to one I was familiar with. I met her once, briefly, before. She only greeted me with a brief dance that night. She remembered me when she saw me and leaned in for a kiss. Somewhere during the night, I kissed another girl, but I don’t remember who. Another girl asked to dance with me.
The photos came out to be pretty awesome, though. I was all over girls apparently. The photo album is full of drunk girls having fun. Some in which I remember talking to and some I don’t. I left the place at about 1:30am to go attend another party that I paid my hard earned money for, but I never made it. I went to the bus stop but I was so drunk that I fell asleep there for maybe about 30 minutes. My cell phone fell out of my pocket, and a thief picked it up.
I woke up and gave up trying to make it to the other party. I shouldn’t have. I still could have made it. I think it was the stolen cell phone that devastated me. I couldn’t have gotten in anyhow without it. All the code information for this secret party was on there. So for some reason I dragged myself to a restaurant.
I must have looked out of it. I laid my head on the table and the owner asked me if I was OK. I said, “yeah.” There were a group of girls there talking. One looked at me the whole time I was there. Her eyes were locked on me. I overheard their conversation because they were talking so loudly. They were talking about situations in which they didn’t know if they should take a guy home because he was drunk. They were talking about not wanting to take advantage of drunk guys. The girl that was watching me the whole time yelled something. I can’t remember what she yelled, but it was at me or to get my attention. When I looked she said, “See, I knew you were listening !” I was too drunk to give a proper response I think. I said, “I’m relaxing.” She said, “You better not be driving.”Maybe they were talking about me the whole time.
The next day, I attempted to make it to my friend’s porn party. I wanted to catch the bus there, but I made a big deal about being a few minutes late. I missed my bus and I got paranoid and went to my car, that I didn’t really want to drive. I planned on selling it because it’s old and the brakes are out. I risked it anyways. Oh, hey ! On the way to my car, I met this beautiful Korean woman. It was a nice setting. The streets were dark. Maybe the moon was out or the streetlights made a good simulation. She stopped me: “Excuse me, I’m sorry, but can I use your phone?” I told her that I was sorry, but I didn’t have one. I told her I lost mine. She asked me how did I loose it, and I just told her that I think someone stole it. We walked and talked a bit as I went to my car. She asked me if I lived in the neighborhood. She was making strong eye contact. It was warm out. It was nice. The streets were quite. I just wanted to walk and talk with her for a bit, but I excused myself to my car in a rush to get to the party. She reminded me so much of my old Japanese girl.
With no GPS and no phone, I couldn’t really find my friends address. I think I was going in the right direction. In fact I was almost there, but the brakes in my car finally went out as well. I parked it before the weekend got worse with a car accident. That’s where I discovered the beautiful hiking trial. My car is still there, and I may sell it, tomorrow. I gave up and went home. pretty miserable.
I was so miserable Saturday morning too. Mainly about my phone. I stayed in bed all day. Maybe it was because I was hungover as well. I didn’t feel good until I vomited. I didn’t make it to the bathroom. Luckily, I had an empty water jug next to my bed.  I felt better after that. I still had to drag myself out of bed, though. I was there for hours. What a waste. I missed Krav Maga.
I’m trying a new editing process on my nightlife photos. So far it’s working out, but it requires a little more testing. Boy was Friday fun !
I’m happy now.

Feel it come. Feel it go
I don’t know if I have the desire no mo.
What is this feeling I have inside
Of me
I can only try.



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