10/08/15 (The Art of Story Telling)

If you don’t feel like you have a lot of interesting stories, a good exercise is to take a sheet of paper and write the letters of the alphabet down the left side. Then come up with a short description of a story that begins with each letter
— Tynan, SuperHuman Social Skills: A Guide to Being Likeable, Winning Friends, and Building Your Social Circle.

Dear Journal,
How are you feeling? As for me. I’m fine. The weekend is here and I’m ready to party, literally. One of my favorite DJs is playing a set at my bar that I take photos in. I can’t believe I used to be a distant fan of this guy. I was living far away in another city when I used to listen to him. But through the years, I met him randomly at parties on a few occasions, and now he knows me and we’re friends. Isn’t that unbelievable !? I plan on attending quite a few parties. I’m looking forward to hanging out with the porn stars. I have an all night party, tonight and then Krav Maga in the morning. I think I can survive this. It will be rough, I’m sure.

The quote above is a suggested assignment I got from that book I read in two days. I like the assignment, and I think it will be good for me to do right now. The weekend is here, and it’s the only time I go out and socialize, really, so I need to have a few stories I can tell to in an effort to start practicing these things. He suggested A-Z, though. I will only do A-B here, for now and then I will tell the other stories later. Maybe I will only have time to do A. That will be easy for me to memorize and perfectionalize(made up word ;). I’m at work. My time to do this is limited. So let’s see what I can come up with just using the letter ‘A’.

A–Australian Chinatown:
Some years ago, when I was in the military, I was stationed in Queensland Australia for a few days. I was able to go to a few places…

nah…I don’t think I can make one about the Australian trip there are a million stories I can make about that trip because I went to a few places. Let me think of what I’m filling now, and is a natural story that I have told a few times anyway. Let’s start this over.

A–Affair I had With a Japanese Woman:

The Set up
Some years ago, I became interested in Buddhism. I visited a temple, and the people there introduced me to a Japanese woman. The people there thought that it would be good if she could help me more learn more about Buddhism because she practiced it for a long time and we lived in the same neighborhood.

The buildup
Immediately, I started coming over to her house. She was teaching me about Buddhism and we were also becoming good friends. She started asking me to help her with things around the house and she started cooking me nice Japanese meals. We started spending a lot of time together. We couldn’t be separated from each other.

The payoff
The only problem was that she was married. It was a weird experience for me because the husband eventually found out about us, but he didn’t seem to care. Later I found out that he was in love with a white woman that lived around the corner and had cheated with her before. They didn’t love each other anymore, but wouldn’t divorce because of his Christian beliefs, I guess.
Eventually, I moved to another neighborhood two hours away. I found another temple in my new neighborhood. Ironically, the same thing happened in the exact same sequence–the community introduced me to a married Japanese girl and asked her to help me learn more about Buddhism. I began to come to her house often. We become good friends, she ask me to help her with things around the house, we become inseparable and she cooks a lot of good meals for me, the husband doesn’t love her and doesn’t mind me.

The End.

In his book, Tynan says I should have this set up–The setup, the buildup, and the payoff. I think it’s a good structure to follow. The story above is very true, by the way. I may edit it a bit later so that it’s not so raw and it doesn’t seem as though I’m bragging about it. Perhaps, it’s not a pretty story to have, but from my experience with telling this to girls, in the past, all of them seemed touched by it. I think girls get emotional about some of the weirdest things. Anyways, I think I wrote enough here, and I’m glad I got it done in time.

Take care, Journal !

Shoulda knew what love is
Before we learned what a thug is
A thin line between the haters and the ones who love us
A thinner line from the freedom and the foul judges

Music makes these thugs calm down.
Music make these thuuuugs…calm down

–Tragedy Khadafi, Calm Down



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