Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me. I’m fine. I’m having the same questions on my mind. How did I waste time, today? Let’s see. Today was the same routine, though I did have a slight disturbance. I couldn’t load money onto my bus card. For some reason my card didn’t work. I did have the option to try loading it by pin, bit I don’t know my pin number, yet. I still have to get the pin that was mailed to my old address. I had planned on doing that, today, but I cancelled it because I thought I had to go to the bank and get money, etc. I was going to do that and to grocery shopping.

For some reason, I set my alarm to 1:30pm. I meant to set it to 2:30pm for six hours. I turned it off at that time and set the alarm to 2:30pm, but it didn’t go off. I ended up waking at 3, I think. I made coffee, took a huge dump and then I proceeded to work on my website with html and css. I also bought a new camera with money my mom had sent me. This camera is awesome, and I cant wait until it shows up. It’s the Canon Powershot G16. It’s a very highly rated camera.

After I purchased the camera on Amazon, I started to work on my website. I’m not sure how long I did it for. Maybe I did it for a little over an hour. I made some progress but I think it was very little. I kept having to go back to look at how to’s in my lessons. All I did was change some text size, add a few more text and sized those as well and I added three photos. I briefly looked for photo hosting platforms. This website may either be easy or it may take more work than I think. We’ll see. I will not be in a rush to publish it. I do need to rush the ball on building things, though. Could I could have coded more than I did, today? I did take about 2 five or ten minute breaks. Was that weak of me?

Let’s see…I did use up a lot of mental energy, today. I left work very angry. That gay guy got to me. Who is he to confess those things to me? That’s what I felt like. Then I thought of way to make his life a living hell. I felt like I wanted to beat him up. i understand that he was just expressing his feelings. I would not have minded this from anyone else, but when it comes to him, I just think he’s a scum of a human. I have no problem with gay guys. I just hate him personally. So I wasted a lot of mental energy being angry at him, and at the fact that my card wouldn’t work at the train station. I also thought of when and where to go grocery shopping. I’m out of groceries and I hate, hate, hate ! mainstream grocery stores. I have my special organic produce store that I love to go to. It’s rare and it’s in my old neighborhood. I maybe spent about 20 minutes online looking for some stores like it near me, but I couldn’t find any. Stores like that don’t show up on Google easily. I found it by luck.

After coding, I think I prepped my lunch and dinner and then I decided to edit some photos using a new editing method that I made for myself. The edit worked out well, and I sent the photos to my friend since they were from a party she through. And, as you know me, I’m starting to like her now. I like her voice. She’s a very positive and outgoing woman. I’ll be glad to attend her party, again. Besides my feelings for her, I really admire what she’s doing with these events and I hope they grow.

After I edited photos, it was near time for me to head to work because I needed to stop by the store before work. I’m buying what I need from a normal grocery store, day by day until I can go grocery shopping this Friday when I’m off. I practiced some new punches I learned for about ten minutes, and then I showered and went left. Oh, I forgot to mention that I took a photo of something really quick to keep up with practice as much as I can.

So did I waste time, today?



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