Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well, I guess. I’m still getting organized from the move in. I mean my place is clean and all. I still have to get whatever it is I packed up and put in the trunk of my car and also I have to tell all my bill places that I moved. I need to stop by my old place to see if the landlord has my mail. I need that Playboy new issue that’s the main thing.

I went jogging in the rain, today. It wasn’t intended. I went jogging and then 15 minutes into my jog, it started raining. I enjoyed it, though. I just hope I don’t pay for it tomorrow with a cold. I’ve been drinking everything with lemon, a lot, so I hope that helps.

Having that girl’s photo gallery hanging on my bedroom wall is just so powerful to me. Every time I step in there, I’m just so taken by it. It’s a reminder and something awesome to wake up to every morning. It’s definitely a motivator. I’m even going to ask to shoot with her, again. I know she will be happy about that. She’s very sexual and absolutely gorgeous.

But, lately, I know who I like. I think about her so much these days. She’s hot. It’s that porn star I work with. I think I paid no attention to her until she introduced herself to me. The porno videos I saw of her do not bother me at all. If anything, they make her all the more attractive to me. Not sure where our relationship will go. I’m not going to push it. I’m just going to enjoy her from whatever angle I’m at in our relationship and mainly stay focused on my written goals. I’m glad I met her, though. I mean…she’s just hot. I’m sure she knows I like her by now. Women can feel things, you know. However she starts to react to that information is the answer.

Now for the yuckiest thing of all. Some gay guy at my job confessed his attraction for me. He’s kind of off. I would be open to talking to him about it if he didn’t say a bunch of bizarre things while confessing. He even said he’s attracted to guys with big dicks. I remained calm throughout the whole thing. There’s nothing I can do really. I just reported it to three of my hire ups. I’m sure they talked to him about it.

OK, let’s go back to the porn star. What’s beautiful about her to me besides her breast size? For me, it was her aura and her whole personality that I am getting from her so far. It’s her big brown eyes and her beautiful full lips. But hey, my steps I need to take in life are more important. I’ll appreciate her friendship. She’s a very nice woman, it seems.

When she opened up the door
I said I missed her.
When a rabbit bit my hand
I turned and kissed her.
With a smile on my face
I said I want you.
With a smile on her face.
She said I love you.



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