Writing 101 Final Day. (My Future)

I’m glad that we all made it to this final day, and I’m glad that the class was made and I have been able to do the assignments. It’s the beginning of October. Based off some decision I made, today, I feel like I had told myself that it’s already a new year. Since I missed my Krav Maga class, I had some time to kill. I decided to buy a cup of tea at a place near my work and sit down relax and think.

I thought about my current main issue, and I thought about ways I can improve on it–on way that I can address it. I jotted down the following things using SimpleNote:

  1. Use this year to get educated and healthy. Make yourself as valuable as you possibly can. Practice, practice, practice(Photography). Take interest in money, health, seduction, coding, and WordPress.
  2. Find a better job — whatever that means to you.

That’s all I allowed myself to dwell on. I’m going to amplify everything I have been doing. I wrote that down on this day, and I really meant it. That’s why it feels like a new year. I am not going to take Writing 201 nor blogging 201 right away. I’m going to take a brief English Grammer class somewhere because I want to be good at that. I know I need to be reminded of some things. I’ll give myself a week and then I’ll find a quick course.

Nice taking class with you guys.


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