Dear Journal,

How are your feeling? As for me, I’m fine.

Dear Journal,

Life is not over. It has only begun. That’s my mood, today. I’m packing things up. I only have a little bit left. I am moving to a little bit worse condition; or maybe it’s good. It’s hard to judge, right now. My main concern is saving money. The retirement savings are definitely kicking in. I’m also doing good at saving for a new car. I’m going to sell my old one, or give it away. That will leave me on the bus for a month or three but that’s OK. I’d rather do that than make car payments. Based off what I’ve learned about money since I’ve been studying it pretty recently is that a car payment is something I don’t need.

So, I’m getting the last of my things from this apartment. I’m taking down a bunch of old photos of girls and parties that I shot with. It’s nice to look back on them. I was an OK, photographer. I am going to bump up the intensity here, though. I really have no other choice in life. If I want to be really valuable in that regard, the best thing to do is practice, practice, and practice. I am recently motivated by Robert Greene’s 50th Law. It’s an excellent book.

I can only look back and say that I’ve shoot with very beautiful girls. Now I’m after more beautiful ones. Thank God I met this lady I am helping out on Saturdays. She is perfect for me.

Somehow, while sitting here packing, I can mainly think about how much of a cold person I am. I don’t care about anyone what so ever. I’m polite and considerate, though. I’ll talk more about this later. I’m going to finish packing, now.

Oh, and before I go, I want to do my day 15 of being grateful:

I’m grateful that I had the discipline , yesterday, to do my day 1 of my diet that I started back up. I want this month to be completely clean. With the exception of alcohol.

I’m grateful to have met all of the beautiful women that I have met since I’ve been doing photography. They are gorgeous.

I’m thankful to have this day off, today, so that I can pack my things.


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