Writing 101 day 14

I made out with two girls that day. I think I talked to about five total. The first three girls I had met in a Punk Rock bar. I got hungry after having a beer, but I still wanted to maintain  a balance in diet. I asked a girl sitting at the bar, alone if she could split my chicken quesadilla in half with me. She took interest in me briefly , and she asked me a few questions. She then became disinterested. The second girl is just another girl I ran into at the bar. Our conversation didn’t go beyond a happy greet and meet. As for the third girl I met, based off a photo I found of her on my cell phone, we had a great conversation. I don’t remember ever talking to her though. I don’t remember the conversation, the photo, or nothing ! Was I really wasted?

I was wasted evidently. Because at soon as I boarded the train to head to another party, I vomited on the cart. I got embarressed and moved to another cart and vomitted on that one too. So I boarded a third cart, did my final moment and gave up. A little bit of it got on my clothes. I felt better, though. I think I can’t drink liquor and eat food at the same time.

I continued to head to the other party. It is one that is thrown monthly by a friend, so I was excited about it. At soon as I made it there, I talked to a beautiful girl. She was, initially, talking to a group of friends, but they ditched us when they saw our conversation was going good. She asked me to buy her a beer. I told her that I don’t buy anything for anyone unless they deserve it. I then told her to give me a kiss. That’s the first girl I made out with.

Eventually we parted ways and continued to talk to other people at the party. I talked to many other girls, so I think I went way more than five. I was even randomly kissing some on the cheek as I walked by them. I was hugging some as a held them in the air. I was just having fun–girl hounding.

I met the second girl while roaming around the dance floor. She asked me to sit next to her so that she can fan me. We sat and exchanged a few words and then she asked me to dance. We danced, we hugged each other a lot on the dance floor, and then…we made out.

That totals to two.

The end.


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