Writing 101 Day 13

I don’t even know what to call the world that’s growing around me, but I remember how it evolved.

Prior to what I’m going to mention below, I hated cameras. I didn’t even look at photography as art. I always told myself that it’s just a picture. I really liked looking at art that was drawn.

I became interested in photography when I took a digital photography class at a community college. I learned about everything a camera could do, and I started to like it. I bought my own camera at the end of the course so that I could practice on my own.

At the same time, I had a friend that was doing photography. He photographed women, and I really liked his photos. I wanted to do the same thing. I started practicing photography and I read only a few books. I was only shooting beaches and buildings, for the most part. Eventually I asked a girl I knew to let me photograph her. From there, like my friend, I started photographing girls a lot.

My friend had a few party photos that he had did. I liked those as well. I was really captivated when he posted a video on his facebook about another photographer. I liked this guy’s work a lot more. I wanted to do party photos like his. After practicing at friend’s parties once or twice, I started working at a nightclub every Thursday night.

I’ve been growing at it since then. My friend loves my work. I also caught the attention of the famous photographer that my friend posted the video about. Eventually, he became my friend too. My work is getting better and a bit more intense as far as content is concerned. This Saturday, I shot at a porn party. I got to see some of the most beautiful women I had ever seen bare naked. I think I’m good at what I do. People have told me so, but I’m am studying intensely these days to become a lot better.

While photographing women, I couldn’t help to notice the low confidence I had in myself when it came to them. I wanted to get better at being comfortable, making them comfortable, so I started studying seduction. The porn party that I was a part of has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things. I liked shooting that more than anything. I love a lot of the pornographic shots that I have. Prior to this, I have never really been interested in porn. But the freedom feeling I get from being around those that are involved in that industry It’s amazing, and it’s definitely making me more interested in porn.

In the end, it’s all about what I can create with women and my camera.


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