Writing 101 Day 11

When I am not writing, I am studying or doing many other things. My main interest is photography. I take many photos at parties on the weekends, but I rarely practice taking photos of anything other than that, and I really feel like I should do that more. I’m at an average of taking one photo a day, though. I’ve recently made a decision to do a lot more study and practice a lot more with my craft. I feel I have been severely lacking, and I feel guilty and almost stupid about it. I only write for my journal and for the classes I take on wordpress. Writing is not my craft. I do find myself thinking about the parties that I have been to and writing sort of long post on my facebook wall about that story. I love writing about the parties I have been to. I am also reading or playing Frontline Commando on my phablet.

In my day to day life, I need a day of absolute silence. I need quiet time. I live in the big city, and sometimes I hate walking out of my door and into the drama–the mean conversations I hear people having on the phone, the petty arguments, etc. I love to get away from it all. I don’t even like talking to people most of the time unless it’s in a party scene. A healthy diet and exercise also helps me. I don’t do Yoga, but I am taking interest in Bioenegetics.


2 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 11

    1. The stories are on this blog in the diaries. I have a website and another wordpress blogs that have photos of the parties. The parties are great. They are fun and peaceful environments. Everyone is happy. Most of the people are music lovers. Outside of that is general society, a bunch of sheep minded people that have problems and don’t know what they want in life. Not everyone of course. I’m just quickly genralizing

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