Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. It’s Thursday night here, and I am on my way to work. I had a bit of a rough day–errands. I’m still sorting out my apartment situation. It will be a lot cheaper and easier for me to get a roommate, but I’m not sure of the price and value of privacy, if you know what I mean. I’ll leave it at that.
I do have to figure out a way to make a lot of cash, though. So far I have not even been in the lab as f
ar as that is concerned, or maybe I am because I am studying “Money Masters: Master The Game”, by Tony Robbins, and “The Richest Man in Babylon.” I was so far behind on financial knowledge that I have never had a 401k or even knew what it is really. I am beyond being in debt. I’m sure there are a lot of others in worse situations. I didn’t make it to Krav Maga class, today because my errands deprived me of 8 hours of sleep really, and I needed to catch up.
I’m going to do a visual study on some photography, today, because I’m going to shoot that girl, tomorrow. If she flakes, it will be no big deal. I’ll just hang out at the beach and maybe hang out a little in that part of the city. I never really go there, so it will be a good thing. I haven’t seen the beach in a while either. Also, if she flakes, i’ll just map out a planned shoot for the next girl I meet.
I’m still doing Style life challenge, by the way. I had planned on reviewing things, which I did. I’ve mostly been concerned with my lack of ability to keep up with these new habits, consistently. I’ll back off of the reviews a bit so that I can move on with the challenge. I want to learn more about The Alexander technique that he mentions. I didn’t even try the posture exercise that he teaches. I want to practice having a louder voice, so I should catch up on practicing with that, too.
The weekend is here. I don’t think I will drink and go out as much. I was literally loaded for three days straight last weekend. I need to see how I do with the girls on a sober level. I need to visit some museums. We’ll see how my weekend goes. I think I will keep things quiet for the most part.
Lastly, I want to post about my day 7 of being thankful:
I’m thankful that I was able to do all of my errands, today. I’m thankful that I discovered Rose buds tea, yesterday. I ran upon it in a store when I went to buy pasta. It caught my eye. I bought it and googled it before I drank it. It has a ton of benefits. I drank about six cups of it since I bought it yesterday. I’m thankful for the fact that when I jumped on my scale, today, I was 3 pounds lighter. I literally have ten more pounds to go before I call it success. That will total 50 pounds. I did it so easily ! I learned a lot, and it was a very luxurious and delicious journey. I ate foods I’ve never heard of before. I ate duck meat for the first time, and I was even going to order up some fois gras and Cook it at home. I have never eaten so many tomatoes in my life. I absolutely love them now. Walking into that store and buying 20 tomatoes at a time and eating them all within two weeks just seems great !
I feel like I am about to graduate a camp. It’s only me who’s doing this journey, though–no cheering squad. But hey, I have to appreciate the 15 likes I got on Facebook when I posted about my lost of 20 pounds for the first time. I’m obviously thankful for all that I mentioned just now.

Anyways, take care , Journal, I’m going to play a bit of Front line Commando, read a book a bit and head to work.

Walking through the door, she rang the bell twice
I vomited Vodka back in my glass with juice and ice
The clock went back from three, to two, to one
And that’s about the time the story begun
That’s when I first heard the voicemail on the cell
It said, “Son we found that nigga we gotta kill



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