Writing 101 Day 8; Blogging 101 Day 0

The most recent comment that I made is one that I am very excited about. As you can see, the article was about spices. I am somewhat interested in spices. I haven’t dived into the spice world completely, yet because I am taking on a lot of other new things that I am interested in, but I will and I am happy about the spices that I use already.

I had first learned about spices through a book I had read maybe a month ago called “Younger Thinner You”, by Eric Braverman.It’s a really great book about shedding pounds and dieting. In the book, he emphasis on a lot of things. But he really pushes spices the most.

Prior to that, I had no idea about spices. I may have even thought that they were bad for you. I’ve known black pepper my whole life, for example, and I have always avoided it because I thought I didn’t like or care for the taste. If you Google “the health benefits of black pepper”, for example, you’ll learn about a whole lot of good benefits that it provides.

So far I have only used Rosemary, cinnamon, black pepper, sesame seeds, tumeric, cayanne, cumin, basil, thyme, and a few others I can’t remember. It’s great to know that such things exist.


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