Dear Journal,

   How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I feel great. I’m a little disappointed with myself that I woke up an hour later than I intended, but I will not let that get to me. It sort of put me in a panicked state. I skipped Qiqoung and meditation and went right to running errands. Errands drain me. I think it’s the driving part that I hate. I hate the traffic.
     After that, I went back home and reread blogging assignments. The blogging classes take up a lot of time for me. Maybe it’s because I have to reread instructions. Maybe it’s because I have to push myself to do the simple task. Maybe it’s because it’s two classes when added to Writing 101, but I want to learn how to blog and write, so it’s only better to push through. I missed my Photoshop lesson. I guess I’ll just look on YouTube for a good Photoshop lesson, tonight, and I’ll push myself to do an assignment when I get home in the morning.
     I thought about skipping Krav Maga class to so that I can catch up with my thoughts and relax and think, but I see that that’s the devil talking to me. I am on the bus and am on my way to class now. I meant to go out and take photos, but I didn’t. I did homework and I made my meals for today. I’ll do photos tonight with my phablet. I want make sure I practice a lot before I go and meet up with this girl I’m going to shoot.
    Well, that’s all the writing I’m going to do for now. Oh, wait the main reason I thought of doing this post is because I wanted to post my day for of being thankful.
    I’m thankful that I still had the enrgy and the ability to get as much done, today as I did. I’m thankful that I fell so excellent right now. I’m thankful that I am remembering to keep up with being thankful.

Look at what you’ve done.
Stand still falling away from me.
When it takes so long.
Fires out; what do you want to be



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