Dear Journal,

I don’t have much time to write at this moment, but I need to make an entry. I will make this short and quick. I don’t remember, but I think I’m on day 3 of being thankful. So before anything, I’ll like to take the moment and be thankful that I was able to drive around in beautiful LA traffic and run some errands, today. t was a great experience. I love driving through the hills and watching the roads and looking at other drivers in their cars and wonder about their attitudes and life. I’ll also like to be thankful for the fact that I get to be with one of the most beautiful women, this Friday, and we’re going to take some great photos in beautiful California weather at the beach. I’m also thankful that I’m the one who is inspiring her to model. I know we will have a great shoot.

I feel a little guilty about a lot of things that went down this weekend, but should I? AM I supposed to only have questions, and not do anything to learn the how to’s and be curious. Life is about learning. When I learn I am happy and I give back because I’m always delighted to share my experiences with others and hope they learn from them too. That’s all I can say, today.

And all I can think is that she’s very very beautiful. I am blessed and I can’t wait.



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