Writing 101 Day 4

I choose the city. The city makes me think about a lot. I grew up in a big city that’s not the current big city that I live in now. I roam the city when i want to meet girls and do photography. I want to move up and live in a better place in this city. I want to drive a nice car in the streets of this city. Can I stop saying “this city” now?

I want to look good in the city. I like all the activities that you can do here, but I would rather live outside of the city. Outside of the city is always a lot quieter and more peaceful; maybe a lot wealthier too. The city is dirty, and here it is full of mentally ill people asking for change and not bathing themselves. It is full of poor people who’s brain chemistry is so off that they’ll get mad and attack you for looking at them “the wrong way.”  The city is not a friendly place in that aspect.

This city that I live in, in particular, is full of competition. It’s expensive as well. Now that I think about it, I don’t live in the city. I live outside of the city and I only work here in the city. I hate coming to the city,actually. It only has a lot of good parties and a lot of great restaurants. I don’t like the caution that everyone has to take walking around the city. I like friendly environments. But people are nice if they see that you are normal.



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