My Favorite Photographer(Blogging 101 day 4)

I didn’t like my favorite photographer’s work at first. I liked my friend’s work more. When my friend posted about it, and I went to look at his work, I wasn’t impressed. But he put a video out. I think =, from watching the video, I began to understand his work more, then I started to like his work a lot. Now he’s my all time favorite ! I was already shooting the type of stuff he does because I was influenced by my friend who shoots the same stuff. But when I started to like him, I began to study him and really follow him. I guess i got inspired enough. Now my work looks like his, but I still have my own style because what you do will come from you, naturally no matter what.

I am still inspired by him to this day, and his work is the main work that I study besides others. To me, he was always a distant celebrity. I never thought the day would come that I would meet him. I knew we hung out at the same places. Well, he has way more access than myself at this point because he worked his way to fame, but he was already famous when he started. I only go to a few of his same parties, but he’s everywhere. Anyways, I met him at a very fun party. I was surprised when I saw him in the crowd. I remember that night. I walked over and introduced myself. I actually tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around, I smiled and gave him a huge hug. Haha ! He looked befuddled, and that’s when I introduced myself and told him I liked his work. He asked me to link him to my work. he asked a lot of questions about me rather than let me be his fan. He looked at my work and said it was excellent.

I ran into him at another party a few weeks later. This time he said he’ll send me a message so that we can meet and talk. We met, and we talked a few days later. I saw him working in action while he was talking to me. Just from that meeting. I learned a lot, and I’m still striving to be on that level. We’re sort of friends now. I have his phone number. Inspired by him still, but I’m more inspired to create my own story, but the same genre. This journey is life changing. His art walk is changing my life.

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