09/09/15 (Stylelife Challenge Day 7)

I finally did it. I’m minus one because I only approached two girls. I was supposed to approach three. But based off this weekend and the time I’ve been sitting on this and the fact that it’s a late assignment, I think, and I really have to move on; I give myself to leeway. My opener sucks, and it sounds like I’m trying to sell something, but I made it up at the time and I decided to stick with it and get on with the book. The time I did it at the place I chose to do it at wasn’t really in my favor also. I’m disappointed that I sort of wasted two hours thinking about it and roaming around seeing who to approach and maybe scared to approach. I mainly wanted to approach girls that I was really attracted to, but the book said to just approach three girls. Before I approached my first girl, I saw maybe two girls that I was genuinely attracted too. But I was in a busy area where people are just getting off of buses and trains and are generally in a rush. Those girls had there headphones on and were walking fast.

Thinking it was two late, I saw a girl sit down and play on her cell phone, and I decided , “screw it let’s do it.” I went up to her and smiled and said my corny opener. She looked up and to my surprise, she was an older and not so pretty lady. I only saw her side profile and her hair was blocking her face. She rejected me with an attitude and went back to playing with her cell phone.

My corny opener: “How do you keep up with the music you listen to?”

Her: “I don’t listen to music.”

I was happy that I was one approach up. It was time for me to go soon, and I went up and did a second one with a girl that was pretty for my predicament, but maybe two young even:

Me: “How do you keep up with the music you listen to?”

Her: Silence, poker face and looking straight forward and not even taking off her head phones.

I left it alone and went back to my business and happy that I did two approaches.

One the train, I did see a girl that I was definitely genuinely attracted to. I could have talked to her when we got off at the same stop and even when I stood in front of her for a few minutes waiting to get off, but in summation, I was afraid to do it.  Why? Would that would have been elite performance to get her to take off her head phones and listen to my corny opener? Maybe I failed myself there. In the end, with me running late for work and all…I did see about two other girls, but I was running late for work, so I never did approach three. But I am proud of my courage with the two approaches.

Enough about pick up. I wasn’t upset that my photoshoot didn’t make it today. I don’t know if her excuse was real. I think it was because she called and texted me to let me know she was on the way. She got lost. The evil part of me is glad she did because she brought her boyfriend with her without telling me. I don’t like to shoot with those type of girls these days. I deserve the ones who take risk. When she text me the second time asking for directions again. I just told her that it was alright. Let’s just leave this one up to the Gods and say it’s not meant to be. I waited an hour for her, which was generous. Any other waiting would have made me look desperate and stupid. I wasted time and energy drinking whiskey in my car to get a happy buzz going, but that’s no big deal. After that I went home and cooked my beautiful healthy meals that I love. I made my lunch because I was hungry and then I made dinner to take to work.

I know my next shoot will be awesome. I will study a lot and take a lot of general pictures and then find a very beautiful girl. I only want to shoot jaw dropping women, and she wasn’t it. She was someone that I contacted a long time ago, and she flaked. She came back years later and couldn’t make it again. I’m now looking forward to meeting my new girl and doing Stylelife Challenge Day 8. I promise to not take so much time to do the assignment again.

Somebody tell me how I’m supposed to feel
When I’m sitting here knowing this ain’t real
Why in the world would I give my heart to you?
Just to watch you throw it in the trash
I’ve been traveling so long, I don’t think I can hold on
Where were you when I needed you the most?
Now I’m sitting here with a black hole in my chest
A heartless, broken mess



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