Secret (Writing 101 Day 3)

I chose the word secret. Regret and treasure are other attractive words to me, but I chose the word, secret. It’s because I have so many secrets. We all do. I think the things that I keep secret, I shouldn’t. I think we all keep secrets that we shouldn’t. Maybe we should keep ‘some’ things secret. In my very young and ignorant days. I used to tell other guys, with excitement and joy, about what other guy’s girl I was dating and about my three year affair I had with another guy’s wife. These days, I would not tell that to anyone. They are not worth mentioning really. Back then, I thought they were things to be proud of. In my very very horny days, I saw tons of escorts. I remember the first time I saw one, I was proud to think that I didn’t do it too many times, and that the number of times I had done it, I can count on my finger. Eventually, I did it frequently, and I lost count. Eventually I quit caring to count. I kept my adventures with escorts secret. I still never told anyone I did, but I ran into guys that admitted about it openly, and very casual. I remember seeing guys browsing escort sites on their cell phones. I remember a group of friends telling me that they were going to celebrate this other guy’s birthday by buying him an escort. I guess I didn’t have to keep my adventures secret. I will never see an escort again a day in my life, by the way. It will be a huge step back in my efforts, and I think they are disgusting for me these days.

I keep my financial disaster I made for myself a secret. I know we all struggle with money, but keep my financial struggles a secret, and I never like asking friends for help. I sort of keep my lifestyle a secret from my coworkers, but not completely. I definitely keep this diary of mine anonymous I probably don’t need to, but I still do.

The women who have cheated with me told me secrets about their family and husband. Secrets don’t help anything, I don’t think; not as far as relationships go. People should communicate.

Secret documents and files for the military and companies are definitely understandable.


8 thoughts on “Secret (Writing 101 Day 3)

  1. Very interesting and wise too 🙂

    Especially about relations. I feel some people die with secrets and they die with heavy hearts 🙂

    Blessed are the fools 🙂


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  2. I liked your post especially the way you ended it. That was really nice and I definitely agree with you, honest communication definitely makes a relationship grow.

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  3. Wow. I was a victim of unfaithful partner once. I think how people live and make decisions is like a mystery. I guess in the end the lesson is what’s important.


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