Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I’m a little lazy to get back into the routine after Labor Day holiday, but I am on it. Or maybe it wasn’t that. Maybe it was because I was really thrown off routine, today that I didn’t do everything that I needed to do. I didn’t meditate and do my morning wake up routines because at soon as I woke up, I had errands on my mind so I did that. I got lost looking for a camera store that I had been to a few times, but still couldn’t get there by raw memory, so I wasted time driving around because I left my cell phone in the house. I stopped and asked strangers to look on their phone and give me that camera store’s address, and they did it. I love community help. I did other errands as well. By the time I got back home I was a bit exhausted or maybe not.

When I returned home, I studied photoshop and edited an old photo for practice. I didn’t finish it, though, and I will when I get home, today. I decided to clean up my house as well. I hate how it gets messy. Because of all of that, I missed my Krav Maga class. That’s what I wasn’t ready to get back into after the holiday. It’s a bit of a hard class to deal with because I hate the way we sweat and having to touch another person’s sweat all day. I will try not to miss it tomorrow, but I think I will because I will be shooting with this girl, and I don’t know how long we are going to last. I will definitely miss class again, tomorrow. I will go to class on Thursday, though. I have to. I don’t want to miss too many days.

I’m not sure if I am prepared for today’s shoot, and I don’t know why. We’ve been exchanging emails for a year, and for some reason, she’s finally showing up. I wonder what’s the cause, and I wonder why I’m not as enthused. I haven’t prepared for her at all. My mind is still stuck on my last model. She is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see her again. This girl that I’m shooting, today is pretty, but she’s not as beautiful as my last two girls. I got along great with both of them, so there should be no worries. I’ll do my best with this girl.

I still haven’t done Stylelife Challenge Day 7 ! Am I lolly gagging here? I had a lot going on these past few days, I guess, so I will jump on it tomorrow. I have to. There is no excuse. I’ll have the time. It should be fun.

I’m still sort of thinking about the beautiful hispanic women I danced, hugged and cuddled with all Saturday. She was very friendly, and very beautiful. Did she find me attractive? Did she like me? She was perfect. Her body felt perfect–so warm and thick. She had a nice booty–a big booty and a beautiful face.

Anyways, wish me luck, today Journal. I ‘WILL’ have a good shoot with this girl.

Who taught the sun
Where to stand in the morning
And who taught the ocean
You can only come this far
And who showed the moon
Where to hide till evening
Whose words alone can
Catch a falling star



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