Things I Wish(Writing 101 day 2)

List of things I wish:

1) I certainly wish I made more money.

2) I wish I had more knowledge about money than I currently do. I know next to nothing.

3) I wish I had learned more about money when I was younger.

4) I wish that I was better than women than I currently am.

5) I wish I dated the hottest girl in the world. As of now, I don’t think I stand a chance. When I see her, I think I’m not worthy, and I am intimidated by her.

6) I wish the text from this girl would not have been a brief distraction from my writing. The timer is on

7) I wish my hobby was my job.

8) I wish i had a second head. I live alone and make all my dexisions alone. That is hard because I make a lot of mistakes that i wiah I never had.

9) i guess i wiah I can afford a better car.

10) I wish I was more organized. I miss out on a lot of things because I’m supposedly busy.

11) I wish I can show more deep appreciation for the things that I habe in my life, already.

12) I wish I would have had sex with that Iranian girl when ahe clearly wanted to.

13) I wish this stupid phone would not have froze up like it just did.

14) I wish I would have had sex with that Mexican girl like she clearly wanted to.

15) I wish to be able to recognize these ques ASAP.

16) I wish for success, like, tomorrow !

17) Everything I know now, I wish I had learned it years ago.

18) I wish to complete Tony Robbins book, ” Money Master The Game.” And know a little bit more about money and investing.


7 thoughts on “Things I Wish(Writing 101 day 2)

      1. Oh… my bad! Since you were talking about decision making I thought you meant a literal ‘second head’… But it does make sense now! Thanks for clarifying… and it’s actually a very witty association you’ve made! 🙂


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