Why I Write (For Class)

Why do I write? Well, I can answer this question by telling you that I don’t write. I talk to my diary. The only way to talk to my diary is through words because his being consist of paper, only; I mean not paper because I use the computer these days so i communicate with him through data. I like to write to my diary. It’s my companion, and I’ve had him through many forms since I was a teenager. I like to tell him everything. I like to tell him my deepest thoughts and experiences. I like to tell him about my desires and plans. I find that, through writing to him, I am able to sort and figure things out. I am able to figure everything out. My current desire, among many desires that I have already, is to get better with women. I want to be a good seducer. I want to make women happy. Right now, I don’t have those capabilities. I am far from it. I write to him about all my studies and efforts and experiments I’m doing to become such a guy. It has been a fun journey so far, and I enjoy telling my diary my stories. I write to my diary because I do have a secret desire to want to be a better writer. Words are a great way to tell a story. This will help me a lot, and I am glad that I am taking this course. i know that it will help me greatly. I am running out of things to say at the moment. I set my timer to 15 minutes, and I think I have about 5 minutes left. I am happy that I am going through this without any disturbances. I am at work. It’s amazing that I can find the time to do this at work. The job doesn’t pay well, but I appreciate it. It’s better than no job. I have to eventually move up the ladder, though. I write because I want to better explain the parties that I attend, mostly on the weekends. I meet so many women there. I’m not sure why women is a big focus of mine, but it is. I don’t think I’ve ever had a girlfriend, though. I will not count the girlfriend I had when I was 5, and I will not count my three affairs. Those women to advantage of my naivete and ignorance. They were all much older than me, but I guess I am a big part of the blame. I can get a girlfriend easily if I set on it, but I feel like I am afraid to. A girlfriend would mean that I would have to give some part of my life up to her, and I am not sure if I am ready for that. The last girl I was dating, she fought to get me to hang out with her. I finally did…oh well. The timer went off.


6 thoughts on “Why I Write (For Class)

  1. I did some of the same things when I was younger. Those affairs can spoil you for a real girl, like you say, that takes a part of yourself. But it means more because there is a part of her you get also, and she does not belong to anyone else.

    They were fun experiences but I do regret some of it.

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