Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. The weekend is over for me, and today went by well. I am still stuck on Stylelife Challenge day 7. I had every opportunity to approach three girls this weekend and use my opener, but I didn’t. I went out and all, but I don’t feel like I approached girls when I should have. I guess I had the opportunity to at a bar in Hollywood, but I didn’t. I left that bar and I went to a bar that I always go to in downtown Los Angeles. It was there that I had a blast. I didn’t approach girls with my made up opener, but I confidently took their attention, naturally. I think when I walked in, I caught a girl coming out of the bathroom. When I noticed her, I put my arms around her while smiling and looking her in the face–in the eyes. she grabbed my booty, so I grabbed hers back. We talked, and I grabbed her booty a lot more when I ran into her several times throughout the night. After that, I think I caught the attention of another girl, and when started snuggling and dancing together for a bit. I roamed the bar and I remember running into another girl. She was very boyish like. I assumed she was gay and I was wondering why she chose to dance and snuggle with me. We danced for a long time, and she ditched her friends for me. It was very enjoyable, but I had no idea what to do besides dance with her. After I felt like we had danced enough I told her that I would be in the front. I liked her. I should have gotten her phone number, I guess. I talked to other girls there and then I left for another party. When I went to the other party, I flirted with the ticket girl. I knew her a little bit, because we had attended a lot of the same parties. The security guard became angry with me, and said that we shouldn’t small talk because there were people behind me. I think he was just jealous. When I went in, I grabbed a black girl, immediately. We started dancing together. She was really enjoying it. Then I talked to her. I knew her name and everything. She was surprised that I knew her. I met her at plenty of other parties. She ditched me after that. I flirted with so many girls at that party. I danced hugged and snuggled with so many. I was very confident. Yesterday I went out as well, and I met a very beautiful Hispanic woman. I met a lot of women, but she stood out the most. I had first seen her at a day party I went to, but I didn’t flirt much. She seemed like she wanted more attention. I happened to run into her later in the night at another party. She recognized me and ran up to me and gave me a huge hug, then we snuggled a lot and danced a bit together. She is very gorgeous. I only added her to my instagram. Summed up, I talked to a danced with a shit load of girls. I wont count that for anything as far as stylelife challenge goes. I will do my day 7 this week, though. I promise…



One thought on “09/07/15

  1. Fantastic photo, haven’t read this one, just your writing101 assignments – feels a iittle intrusive to read something you’re writing as an intimate diary – also difficult for me to follow long blocks of text with no paragraph breaks. Anyway, the photo’s excellent, hope you’re enjoying writing101 class 🙂

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