09/03/15 (Stylelife Challenege Day 7)

Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I woke up and did everything I had planned. I did some simple errand things that got on my nerves. Simple mistake always happen, but they take a lot of energy to fix. I hate having to call places and wait for an answers, when the answer comes I push buttons and maybe I made the right selection, if not call and wait again. I had to call three places. I don’t even want to think about it. It gives me a headache and immediately puts me in a lower mood. I was supposed to go to the store to exchange something that I bought by accident, but the store is quite a distance away, and I didn’t want to deal with traffic. So I just got dressed and took a shower and what not. I feel like I have been lacking doing photos, so I came up with the idea that I would take some photos every day no matter what. So I did that today. I went out around my house and took photos. I stumbled across a local park that I always drive by, but never walk through. When I did, today, it was so relaxing. I just wanted to stay in the park. I walked slowly, and I took photos. I also thought about an old friend of mine that I had, briefly. She was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I was more sure that I liked her when we first met. She doesn’t talk to me anymore, and I’m not sure why. We’re only met up two or three times. Each time, she was clearly interested. I wasn’t sure if I was until I left her on the last day. Then I recognized my feelings. I messaged her to meet up again, but she ignores my messages. I sent two, and I gave up. She’s still on my facebook. While walking through the park, I imagined that I ran into her somehow and we hugged and started talking again. I imagined her walking with me. I didn’t know why I thought about her right then, though we’ve only met a few times.
Besides taking photos, I was also set out to do Styelife Challenge Day 7. I thought I was, at least. I reread the instructions, and I saw that I had missed a few things. It said that I needed to develop an opener. I didn’t have any openers prepared. I thought of just freestyling a random opener, but when I reread the instructions, it said that that is what we should avoid. We should have something planned to say. I didn’t have anything planned to say, so I kanked the operation. I was in the mood to just sit, relax and contemplate, and I also wanted to place myself within view of women, so I went to a popular Starbucks to relax and have coffee and review the material and try to think of an opener. After thoroughly rereading, the only opener I could come up with that is something I am truly interested in is : “Hey, how do you know about your music? It’s hard for me to keep track of artist, but my friends are posting about a new artist they like all the time. How do you keep up with your music? I have these same songs I listen to over and over. I’m always late with catching a bunch of new artist.”  Or it’s something along those lines. I’m not sure how far I would get with starting a conversation like that, but hey. That’s my opener. I’m going to stick with it. I don’t have time to do it, today, but I think it will be perfect for me when I am out, tomorrow.

I reminded myself to maintain eye contact with people I met in the street. Good thin I did, because a girl came up to me at Starbucks and starred me dead in the eye and asked me if she can take a seat away that was near me. I starred her back in the eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful They were soft big and brown, She had a wonderful face. We locked eye contact during the whole mini encounter, and I remembered to make sure that she broke eye contact first, and she did. I won ! Maybe she was seduced. Just kidding. lol. She went back and talked to her girlfriend. I left Starbucks to come home. I did notice a very beautiful white girl that I did really want to approach. Perhaps I would have had I not had this opener stuff on my mind. I was just going to freestyle an opener. I thought of getting started already with the opener I just made up, but I didn’t. I let her go. She was so sexy to me. It was a very genuine attraction and not a pick up routine practice thing. She had nice red natural red hair, and a very nice booty. I should have said anything. I let her go. It’s ok, though. Soon I will have this stuff mastered. Then my artwork  and life will be perfect. I am determined to break through everything that I am trying to. I will not fail.

Take me away from you.

Take me away from you.



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