08/30/15 (How To Handle Drunk/Tipsy girls?)

Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. The weekend is over, and now I’m at home about to relax for a tad bit and then get prepared for work. I had a good weekend with Friday being the best. I didn’t expect it to be. I went out to a hotel party Friday night just looking to relax and maybe approach a girl. I was there alone. I always go alone. I’ve done it so many times that I just accept it and I like it better that way. No one is ever creeped out by it, and I always meet new people. So I went to that hotel party. I was surprised with the lady taking names at the door asked my name, and when I told her, she shook her head saying, “oh, yeah” I know you. Then she went on to say she remembered me because I took her photo at a party a few years ago. I was surprised. I am a bit known I guess. So she let me in and I passed up that long ass line. I feel special 🙂

So I was a bit comfortable there, alone. I had a beer. Speaking of beers. The amount of money I spent on beers this weekend is ridiculous ! Or maybe I’m being cheap. I usually never buy beers. Anyways, I had a beer. I sat by the pool, alone relaxing for the night. A girl from out of nowhere asked me “how is your night?” and then we start talking for a bit. I was disappointed with myself because I broke eye contact with her. I failed there. I think I was trying to be non flirtatious because she was sitting right next to her boyfriend. He was worried and watching and wondering rather we were flirting a lot. I’m sure of it. I’m also sure that she was disappointed that I broke eye contact. I’m not sure why I am sure of this, but I am. So anyways, I just lounged around. I think those were the only two people I talked to while I was there besides another couple. So I left after I felt like I relaxed there enough. I will keep going back to that party, though.

I had planned on going to a party a friend invited me to, so after leaving that place, I decided to make a quick stop at my bar that I frequent. I made it there and my friend, the manager, waved me in a let me in for free. She walked me to the bar and gave me a drink, and then she told me to do photos of guest there since I had my camera on me. I was happy that she asked and I did. I went into crazy mode. Before I even took a photo, I was greeted by a very beautiful and energetic girl. She cheered beers with me and then we danced together a bit. I eventually let her go because I wanted to roam around and do photos. She was absolutely gorgeous, though. I just looked at the photos I took of her and I am very certain. I’m a bit regretful that I was trying to avoid her a bit because I knew she was drunk/tipsy. She was still functional, though, and she was there with friends. I kept bumping into each other throughout the night and we were very physical. We danced together a lot, and at one point, w took over the whole dance floor ball room style. She told be she likes ball room dancing, I think. I can tell she took dance classes. She was a good dancer. I shouldn’t had let her go. I should have let her get close to me and kiss me like she wanted. Now, I kind of doubt I’ll see her again. This had happened to me, before at another party. I met a really beautiful white girl there. we swam together and we danced together. I was a bit concerned about her being too drunk, too and not taking advantage and I let her go. Am I being too worried here? Is that a sign of insecurity.
So anyways, I danced with that girl a lot and took photos. I flirted with too many other girls to name here. I guess I can mention one girl. I felt bad after. We were having a good conversation until she teased me a bit about being a bad boy and then I reached and grabbed her for a hug and she got really angry. I met a lot of cool girls that night. I was being very sexual. I may have made a new friend. I had seen this one girl at many other parties. But this time she told me that she is a singer. I was so glad to know that about her, and I’m not sure why. We added each other on Instagram. She is a good musician and a very nice girl.I decided to go home after the party was over here. I never made it to my friends party.

My Saturday was pretty quiet. I made it to the gothic bar I always wanted to check out. I felt very comfortable there. I met a girl there too. No phone number or anything, though.

Today, I went to a pool party, again. I didn’t drink, so I wasn’t on superman mode with the girls. People still approached me, though. And that’s a very good sign. An Asian girl approached me. She was watching me the entire time I was there. I left a little earlier than usual. On the way home, I stopped by the store. I worked on completing stylelife challenge day 5, today. My task was two compliment 4 girls. I’m up three now, and I have one more to do before the night ends. The last girl I complimented….I actually really like her. She really liked me too or maybe she was just friendly. She worked at the grocery store. I just started talking to her randomly when she was getting ready to ring me up. I threw the compliment in there. We kept talking, and she didn’t want to take the rest of the customers. I saw them looking mad.  I’m going to go back and get her. She was nice…

Oh, by the way. The one girl that works at the pool party I frequent seems like she’s angry with me. I usually flirt a lot with her when I’m there. Today, I went in with the mindset that I’ll leave her alone because she seems disinterested. When I came in, I just waved hi and kept walking. She smiled and said hi. but when I went to the bathroom, she seemed angry. She wasn’t nice to me. I was going to go back to the pool and she mad me go in the ‘right’ direction and she did it with an attitude. When I left and waved bye she made it a point not to wave back. I remember flirting with girl years, ago, and then she expected it every time, apparently. because the day that I stopped, she got angry and said “whatever!” to me. I’m starting to feel like that’s this girls case now. She wants me to chase her?…


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