Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me,I feel great ! My health feels awesome. Maybe fish oil is the solution to the world’s problems. Anyways, I’m having a pretty relaxed day. I lost my bank card yesterday, so I don’t have any money really until I can go to the bank on Monday. Now I have to wait for another card again. I had to have dropped it at the atm or something. Good thing I got the girl’s money and paid the hotel before all of that happened. I did that photoshoot, yesterday. I don’t feel like we connected as much in person as we did my email. I don’t think I liked her voice. I thought she would be a soft foreigner. But she wasn’t. She was a very American girl. I still don’t know her nationality, though. I didn’t ask. I tried talking to her while we were driving to the hotel. I was in a good mood and had no worries. I have my confidence now. She wasn’t that talkative because she was disappointed with the traffic. She said she gets car sick easily. She apologized and promised to talk when we were out the car. Overall, she was a nice girl, and the shoot went really well. She had a very beautiful body, and we did the whole thing nude. She didn’t say no to anything. I have excellent photos over just from my digital snapshots alone. I think the film ones are going to be awesome, and I can’t wait to see them. The shots are pornography as if you’ve never seen pornography. They’re definitely not safe for work. We did have moments wear we actually did connect, though. Girls love talking about astrology. I should have kept the conversation at that. But instead of seduction, I was heavily focused on getting the photos and making the story. A part of me feels like she wanted to relax more. She’s the one who suggested music. She put on “Party Next Door.” That was my first time hearing them. I like them now. She was happy when I told her what I planned on doing with the photos. She wants to come to the show. That means I’ll see her again. She’s also going to work at this club I plan on visiting, so we’re just going to keep seeing each other and keep seeing each other. After the shoot, I drove her home. She wanted to hug, but my body language was too closed.

Prior to picking her up, I had a mini adventure. I went out and about in my boxers. i forgot that I didn’t have on shorts. I had some vodka with me in the hotel, which was very nice and relaxing by the way. That vodka made me hyper and talkative. I went to a coffee shop to get a cup of coffee and I was in a very good mood. A big breasted pretty girl came in, somehow I just started a conversation with her. She was very into me. She even touched me. I ended up just telling her to have a good day as I left. A girl talked to me today and touched me too. I’m awesome ! So vodka does it for me. I still need to use it as a crutch. Also, in good news. I get to keep my place ! Thank god I don’t have to move. Now I’m just going to get a bunch of new furniture. So anyways, take it easy. I’m going to play a game, take a nap, and then study a lot of css when I wake up.

I get swept away
When I think of you
Take me to that place
Where it’s control I lose



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