(08/18/15) Stylelife Challenge Day 3 Part 2

Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I’m still stuck on Stylelife challenge day 3, and I’m still stuck on Sunday’s pool party, so let’s talk about both. So the other photographer was interested in me. He’s getting to know me and likes me and is becoming my friend. He works for a famous photo company. He’s a cool guy. At first he asked me for a few pics of my beer. I let him, but then I got ignorant I think and pulled a girl next to me and put my beer on her butt and asked him to get that photo instead. At another point, he asked me about a necklace I always wear. He said he liked it, but at soon as he said it, I took it off a pulled a girl aside put my necklace on her and had him take a photograph of it. Why was I behaving so weirdly? Was my behavior weird? I was drunk and having fun, you know. I can’t wait to go next week. I think I will go sober and just drink a lot on a Friday and Saturday instead. We’ll see how that goes. I’m going to wasted at the place I didn’t get wasted at and then I going to go sober at the place I did get wasted at.

Yesterday was my “stylelife challenge Day 3”. He has some pretty weird instructions. On one mission, he asked use to dial random numbers and try to get them to recommend you a good movie. It was the weirdest thing ever. He said once we get three movie recommendations that assignment is completed. It took me an hour of dialing to get three movie recommendations. I guess I’m a creep, now because I actually like the assignment, and I’m going to do it again. It’s fun figuring out that little bit of human behavior–“what makes a person do what you want them to?” From the little bit that I did, I found out that just telling them the truth worked. I told them that I was assigned to ask them that, basically. But when I just said something like “Hello, can you recommend a movie for me to watch today?” None of them would give me a title even if I pressed on. I think they’re weirder than me for that. I did the voice exercises out of the stylelife challenge I have a tenancy to speak to low and softly when I’m sober and am in my head. I will do that exercise over and over. Doing the weird phone call thing helped me out a lot, though. Somehow from doing that, I got the idea that it was totally OK to ask random cute girls to soul gaze with you. I wasn’t shy to do this at all, yesterday. I stopped one girl and asked her, she did it, but then she started laughing. I only had time to ask one girl, really. I was going to ask another girl, but when I saw her and the way she was dressed and all, I just thought that she was smoking hot ! The first thing that came to my head was screw your tinder date, I’m right here and you’re coming with me, right now.” So I told her to “Screw your tinder date, you’re coming with me, right now.” She laughed and said thank you. I forgot what else I said. Then I asked her her name and we shook hands as she told me. I was actually running late for work and I told her that. I didn’t get her number or anything. I just left it at a compliment. Doing the weird number calling thing makes me way less afraid to say anything. The book is really working out for me.

Today, I didn’t have time to do day 4. I don’t think I’ll have time to do it tomorrow either. I’ll do it on Thursday or Friday. Today, I just played with photoshop and studied  and cooked and went to grappling class. I have been very focused lately. Ever since I’ve been taking fish oil and eating very clean I have been feeeling wonderful. I lost a few more pounds. Anyways, I guess I can ask more girls to soul gaze with me tomorrow. That should make it an exciting day.

Catch you tomorrow.


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