Stylelife Challenge Day 2

Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? This is day 2. This book seems to really work out a lot better for me. It’s a very easy way to go about it. It is very practical. Today’s assignment was the exact same as yesterdays, but this  time I had to make sure I looked them in the eye and I had to remember each person’s eye color. I think I talked to 6 or 7 people instead of 5. I even talked to some bums, and when they blow me off it’s disgusting, but I shouldn’t carry that type of attitude. The last person I talked to was a very beautiful business like Indian lady. She had black or dark brown eyes that were big. I just asked her what book she was reading, and she seemed very interested to talk. She seemed like she was a very smart women. I was interested. Our conversation was short, though. I had to get off the train before her. Before she sat next to me a very beautiful German girl and her sister sat next to me. Both of them were beautiful. I thought the sister was even more so. She had long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes; she was really beautiful. Somehow my attention got stuck talking to her sister. I guess it’s because she’s the one I started the conversation with and I was trying to remember her eye color. She looked deep into my eyes as well. Her eyes had a yellow/greenish color to them. I can’t believe I completely ignored the blonde girl. Both of them were friendly. The rest of the people I talked to were guys. I don’t know what tomorrow’s assignment is, but I can’t wait to read about it.


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