Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I am a bit sick and weak, today, though. The weather is not quite right for a pool party these days. So, I did all my activities, today, except for grappling because I don’t want to get other people sick.So today I studied and I took a nap. I feel really blessed today. I getting more and more into the health benefits of food, and it feels good to know that the things I’m putting into my body these days are doing so much for me. I’m more than certain that I look good. My gut that I used to have is gone, my skin looks better, my muscles show more. I look a lot more cut. I like looking at myself in the mirror. Today I was thinking about the beet and onion salad that I had and the chicken that was marinated in spices and yogurt. It was a very high quality meal. I took the beet juice that was still hot and used it to make myself ginger tea that I got from Chinatown–so I had beet, ginger, honey tea basically, and I’m sure it was more than good for me. Last night at the end of the pool party I had to go find something to eat. I settled for subway. I don’t think I have the tongue for places like that anymore. I thought the meal was horrible–low class feeling. They give you two funky slices of tomatoes–shitty tomatoes. I love tomatoes, and the meals that I cook always call for a whole tomato. The store that I get them from is so original–organic. They’re so much better tasting than getting them from a mainstream store. I really love this store near my house. The vegetable taste ten times better than what I’d get at a normal store, and it’s cheaper. I’ve been eating like this for a while, now. I’m still fighting cake and cookie cravings, though. So, yeah I’m really glad I am able to eat like that. Combine that with all of these beautiful women that I am able to meet and that I am confident with. I appreciate the varying hair styles and the different shaped eyes and the many beautiful eye colors that I see. Some of them are blue, some of them are green, some of them are brown, some of them are gray. It’s all so beautiful to me. Last night, thanks to vodka and beer, I was on super charm mode. I was very sexual and talking to so many girls. I don’t know how many girls I talked to and danced with. I even got the attention of that girl I had been watching for a while. I should have offered to take her to the bathroom when she asked me if I knew where the bathroom was.  Clearly, she knew where the bathroom was. At one point, after taking a small swim in the pool, a white lady clapped for me when I was up. I swam to her until I was in between her legs. She gave me a shot of some kind of drink and we starred each other in the face and talked for a bit. At another point, I came up out of the water and noticed a very beautiful black girl. I talked to her for a bit. She wouldn’t let me touch her hair or anything, but that was OK. I took photos there and I can’t wait to see what I have because I don’t remember. When I noticed that I used my whole roll of film, I surprised, like, “really?” I do remember taking a picture of a white girls big ass, though. She was gorgeous herself, and we should have shot more. She had greenish blue eyes. I caught a glimpse of them through her sun glass when her head was angled the right way. My had is still stuck there. I can’t wait to do the same thing next Sunday.

Hey, I recently noticed something on youtube, I’m not sure how I came across it, but there was a video of a guy that lived to be 130 years old, and he’s looks about 60. He said that he made sure to only eat pure foods. He also said that he puts olive oil on his skin. I can’t wait to try to olive oil thing. I read that I should put it on my skin before bed at night. Anything that contributes to my good looks, make me more exciting than anything. I started doing a tomato face fask routine that a girl had shown me a few years ago. I immediately noticed the affects.

Anyways, chat tomorrow.


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